Thursday, February 26, 2015

Be Progressive Minded By: Mary Jean Marquez

Be Progressive Minded
By:  Mary Jean Marquez

God is a progressive God and since we are made in His image (Genesis 1:27), we have that creative progressive gusto and energy in us.  Don't allow yourself to stay stagnant in life, no matter what your age or circumstance.  Always keep yourself active in your passions, planning for your next step in achieving your dreams.  Don't put yourself, or allow others, to put you in a contained box that limits your life.  

When you reach those milestones of success, enjoy and celebrate but don't stay there too long.  Make sure you have a plan to start working toward the next success.  So many people are stuck in their past successes talking and living it in their minds as if it happened yesterday.  These people are not progressive minded.  Every success should be a stepping stone to the next one.

If and when you fail, learn from it, get back up and go at it again with a good attitude, with a progressive mind set, and you will be amazed blessed at how God will meet you there.  I always share with people that life to me is like a chess game.  When I make my move, God will in turn make His move! 

Part of living a successful progressive life is embracing the fact that change is inevitable.  Without change it is impossible to move forward.  One great example of that is technology.  Technology is changing on a daily basis, and if we are not flexible to the changes and to learning new information, we will be left behind in a rut of confusion, and in a lost backward state.  We will become detached and unaware of the amazing possibilities that would catapult our lives to the next level.  

Another example, at a more personal level, is marriage/relationships.  It is so easy to stay stuck in old attitudes and ways of doing things, and if allowed to happen, people will naturally grow apart; finding that they no longer have much in common or enjoy each others company.  Most people are instinctively drawn to being progressive in life, and when one of the partners in a marriage or friendship fights change, choosing to stay stagnant in their old ways, while the other is being progressive in their lives, what will happen is one outgrows the other, causing dissatisfaction along with other ill feelings.  Don't let this happen.

Embrace good change and grow with each other! 
Be genuinely happy and encouraging of each others progressive growth!  
Be flexible and open minded! 
Allow each other space when needed!
Enjoy sharing your journeys together while having some FUN along the way!

When you remain progressive minded and doing what is necessary, you will be well able to answer the knock of opportunity when it comes knocking at your door.  Know that your unique life's journey has been preparation for the next progressive step toward your future and you can do ALL things through Christ who is your strength (Philippians 4:13).  

Here is a list to keep in mind on your quest to being progressive minded.  Feel free to add your own.

*  Be progressive in your spiritual growth
*  Be progressive in your mental/personal growth
*  Be progressive in your health/physical
*  Be progressive in your marriage/friendships
*  Be progressive in your home
*  Be progressive in your business
*  Be progressive at your job
*  Be progressive in your finances
*  Be progressive in raising your children
*  Be progressive in your ministry
*  Be progressive in your passion(s) Dream(s)
*  Be progressive in having fun and enjoying life

Don't take people or time for granted!  

Enjoy life today-Now!

Embrace good change!

Be Progressive Minded in every area of life!

Wishing every reader the best life has to offer.  Go for it!

Mary Jean Marquez
Creator and Founder of Women Uplifting Women