Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year 2021!

                                   New Year, New Beginning, New Focus, Right Perspective

                                                             By: Mary Jean Marquez

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last blogged, and I have been itching to get this one out after the year we've had in 2020. Let's do an overview: World wide Pandemic - with great loss of life, economic upheaval - with jobs and businesses lost, societal unrest - with great unnecessary violence, contentious election, media and political lawlessness - with our God given freedoms at stake, and so much more. Seems we had it all! I am relieved that we are at the end of this year with more clarity, wisdom and understanding; not only of what's occurring in this world, but at a personal level.  

I extend my deepest condolences to all who suffered the loss of loved ones and or friends this year due to Covid. I pray peace and comfort within every heart. And, to those suffering the loss of jobs, and businesses causing financial distress, I pray for a God kind of breakthrough, and financial increase in the mighty name of Jesus. God bless us all. 🙏

At the beginning of the year, as I excitedly planned and worked out my annual goals, dreams, vacations ... writing in my planner, and posting on my vision board, as I do every year, I could never have imagined what was to come. The plans and timeline of what I planned, didn't resemble what played out. In actuality, all of it was annihilated by the evil invader Covid-19, and my life, and our world was changed forever. It will take some time to recover, but we will, because we are a resilient people with God on our side.

We, as a nation and world, were side swiped, rolling us into an oblivion of confusion and chaos, with every single human being having no control, except to pray and fight fear off. We all together experienced the harshness of the situation, causing compassion and empathy to rise out of our hearts for one another. I believe many rose to the occasion with God's love.

There is a saying by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When you squeeze an orange, you’ll always get orange juice to come out. What comes out is what’s inside.” The same logic applies to us humans, so it is vitally important to fill our hearts and minds with good things, with God's Word.

At a personal level, this year has been a challenge for myself and family, but amazingly awesome at the same time. Life this year, has squeezed us in so many ways, forcing us to change the way we live, the way we worship, the way we shop, the way we work, the way business is done, the way we socialize, the way we celebrate special occasions, but what has come out is love, faith, hope, patience, wisdom, joy, caring, grace, compassion, support, and creativity. We made the decision to pray together as a family, and believe that God’s got our backs. We have gotten closer than ever as a family - by choice. Yes, we’ve had our tense moments, but we talk and communicate, with a LISTENING ear and heart. 
 I would like to share five lessons, of many, I've learned in my walk with God. #1) God never fails us, #2) To never give up, #3) Don't worry - there is light at the end of the tunnel, #4) Change is inevitable #5) Plan and work your plan!

I encourage you to never give up, no matter the hardness of a situation, because it will always pass. God will never fail you when you set yourself in His hands. Have a listening ear to His leading and guidance. Be still, and know that He is your Abba [Father] God, who loves you so much, and is ready to help in time of need.
As we go into the new year 2021, be enthusiastic and expectant of God's goodness in your life. With every new year comes an opportunity of a new beginning. A time to re-focus, and re-evaluate what truly is important to you, and what you need to change in your life. I feel 2020 has taught us so many valuable lessons about what truly matters most, and I personally am already implementing positive changes.
Ask yourself some important questions such as: What distractions do I have to get rid of, and change in my life? (bad habits, wrong relationships, wrong thinking...) What specific steps can I make to improve my life? (stop wasting time, follow through with plans, no more procrastination or excuses...) I want you to add questions to this list, and do an honest self evaluation of where you are, and where you would like to be at the end of 2021. 
It is important to set doable and workable goals for yourself, and as you achieve small goals your confidence level rises, catapulting you to achieve the next goal. Before you know it, you are at a higher level, and closer to your dreams by the end of the year. As the saying goes, "I'm not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be."
I have a strong knowing within my soul that 2021 is going to be so much better for us all in many ways. Let's not take God for granted, Let's not take our freedoms for granted! Let's not take family for granted! Let's not take time for granted! God has given us precious life to live to the fullest. Life is grand, overflowing with possibilities!
God bless you all, and keep going strong, knowing that God's got your back! 💖
                                                    GOODBYE 2020! WELCOME 2021
                                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!