Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Redeem the now moments of your life and seize the days!

How many times have you said the words, "I'll do that tomorrow"?

There are many reasons why people procrastinate. Some people procrastinate out of fear of failure or fear of success. Some people procrastinate because they feel inadequate of the task at hand; the unknown of being able to reach that goal or dream. Some people procrastinate because of the negativity they have been told by others in the past, such as, "you'll never accomplish that." "You'll never succeed." "Yea right! who do you think you are?" I call those people, Dream Squashers! Run from those folks! Build yourself up and surround yourself with like minded people, who are going to encourage and uplift you. Procrastination can also stem from not having the right information/education, or downright laziness! If that is the case, get yourself up from that bed of slothfulness and get yourself going! No excuses!

As I do an honest self assessment of my life, I realize that I have missed out on many opportunities because of procrastination that stemmed from many of the reasons mentioned above. Fear of failure was a big one for me. I would tell myself, "Why even try, I am going to fail and then I'll be disappointed." This mind set was within me because of what I was told by several family members in my younger years. I had to renew my mind with good things! I chose to change that, and so can you. I was also fearful of success, because if I succeeded, then more would be expected of me, and what if I couldn't do it! Oh my what a vicious cycle! Many of those opportunities have never circled my life again, but the good news is, God is a God of second chances, and we are free to change and make wiser choices in life!

I realize just how wonderful life is and can be. I thank my God for helping me navigate through life. I have made wrong choices, and have learned from them. I have also made many right choices that have placed me where I am in life today, which is a good place, thank God. We are all where we are in life because of the choices we've made. I purpose in my heart to make right choices, to seize my days, to redeem the now moments of my life.

It is never too late to stop that cycle of procrastination in your life. Put that behind you and make the quality decision to step into those opportunities that will help you and others in life. Write that book you've had in your heart to write, start that business you've been wanting to start for years, enroll in those classes you've been wanting to take, take that awesome vacation with your loved ones, begin those exercise classes. Whatever it is, just do it! We are only on this earth for a while, so live to the fullest!

There are people who are waiting on the other side of your obedience to be blessed! Don't withhold your talent/gifting from the world. You tell that fear and procrastination to be gone from your life, and you get yourself going! Only you can do it, no one else can do it for you. I encourage you to never give up on your goals and dreams. You rise up and dare to live and work for the life you know in your heart you desire.

The following examples of people who achieved their goals and dreams, no matter the obstacles, have been uplifting to me. I hope this encourages and uplifts you as well!

(From a Bob Gass Devotional)

"Thomas Jefferson was 33 when he drafted the Declaration of Independence. Charles Dickens was 24 when he began his Pickwick Papers and 25 when he wrote Oliver Twist. Newton was 24 when he formulated the law of gravity. A second danger is to think that creativity and invention belong to the young. Not so! Emmanuel Kant wrote his finest philosophical works at age 74. Verdi at 80 produced Falstaff. Goethe was 80 when he completed Faust. Tennyson was 80 when he wrote Crossing the Bar, and Michelangelo completed his greatest work at 87. Moses was 80 when he led God's people out of Egypt, and 120 when he got to Caanan."

Wow! what great people. If they did it, so can you!

Ask yourself the following questions, and be totally honest with yourself! (Also from The Bob Gass Devotional)

1) What would I do if I knew for sure I could not fail?
2) What should I eliminate from my life because it's holding me back from reaching my full potential?
3) Am I on the path of something marvelous or something mediocre?
4) Am I running from something, or toward something?

I pray that this inspires you to start working on that greatness that is on the inside of you. No more excuses, just go for it! Don't live with regrets or the question, "What if...". Perfect conditions don't exist! I have experienced in my own life, that the longer I procrastinated, for whatever reason, the more confused and blurred things became!

Take those words "I'll do that tomorrow" out of your mind set, and replace it with "Getter Done!" Add a little western twang to it, LOL!

I wish you much success in your life! God bless you!

Mary Jean Marquez :)

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