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I recently saw a post on my facebook asking, Choose who is better? Referring to the two beautiful women in Luke 10: 38-42, Martha and Mary. Martha being the busy, and obviously choleric/melancholy personality, and Mary the sanguine/phlegmatic personality. Of course, Mary got the most votes because the scripture states that Mary chose to sit at Jesus feet, in which Jesus was pleased and happy with! I will not argue with Jesus! Amen!

In my opinion, I think that Martha has gotten a bad wrap! the short end of the stick, if you will! Now, let's think about it! God has placed gifs/talents and different personalities in each individual. It takes all of us to get things done. The body of Christ working together for God's kingdom. We compliment each other, and need each other.

EX 1: I have had gatherings in my home and it takes a Martha to prepare, schedule, make sure that things are getting done so that when invited guests arrive, they will be fed and taken care of. It also takes a Mary to make sure people are greeted so they feel comfortable and welcome in your home. Makes for a nice gathering!

EX 2: I also think of my church. My church is what you would call a mega church! and I can certainly say, that if there were no Marthas to make sure things got done, it would not be good. The Marthas are the ones who make sure all is in order so that God can flow in these services, they make sure that every aspect of ministry runs smoothly so that the people can receive and be saved! and the Marys are just as vital, as they are the more social ones, greeting people helping them feel welcome and at ease, ready to receive what God has for them.

EX 3: Running a household! OMG! There better be a balance of Martha's choleric/melancholy personality and Mary's Sanguine/Phlegmatic personality. That way the household runs smoothly, is kept clean, order with family schedules, and you remain happy and joyful (sane) while doing all that!!! LOL!

We can get all super spiritual and say that Mary was the better one, but I can honestly say for myself, that it takes both to get things done! I can chew gum and walk at the same time! I can work and pray at the same time! I believe there should be a balancing of devotion (Mary) and duty (Martha).

MARTHA received Jesus into her house, but was gifted to handle the domestic responsibilities of keeping house and the demands of providing hospitality. So, when Martha complained to Jesus, I think Mary was being a lazy/phlegmatic. I've been in that situation when I've been so busy and no one wanting to help! Not good!

MARY also received Jesus into her house, but chose to sit while she spiritually fed herself. I have also allowed myself to sit, go to bible studies, etc... and not keeping up with other duties in life, like cleaning house!! LOL! Also not good! Allowing yourself to get out of sink with either, is not good!

Many have tended to brand Martha as "the practical one" and Mary as "the spiritual one." However, the scriptures indicate that Martha also sat at Jesus' feet (v.39) and that Mary also served (v.40). Both of these women reveal unique spiritual gifts with which they lovingly served God. It also reveals that people naturally have their differences and will clash at times. That is another writing! LOL!

I believe that their story should be a reminder to us of the importance of balancing personal devotion with practical duties. These are not irreconcilable facts of believing life and should never be allowed to be pitted against one another. (Luke 8:2/Rom. 16:1)

Let's be real and do our best with the gifting and talent that God has blessed each and every one of us with. Let's respect and uplift each other in our differences with strengths and weaknesses. Not one of us is better that the other. God has made each individual fabulously peachy!

Have a blessed day and God bless you :)

P.S. Remember how fabulously awesome God has made you! Whether your personality leans toward a Martha or Mary, make sure you keep a balance and all will be peachy!

Mary Jean Marquez

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