Wednesday, April 15, 2015

God's Blessings in Plain View - Don't miss them!

God's Blessings in Plain View
Don't miss them!

by:  Mary Jean Marquez

I went on my usual four mile power walk this morning, full of high energy and ready to get a good workout while thoroughly enjoying the outdoors, and my Country Music on Pandora.  My neighborhood is amazingly beautiful in farm areas, full of life and color in every way.  The aromas of honey suckle, jasmine and so many other plants/flowers fill the air with sweetness.  I call it my "personal aroma therapy globe".  The sounds of the various birds in the area sing so skillfully, the ducks calmly swimming in the canals, I get to enjoy watching the majestic horses peacefully enjoy their day, and the chickens go about their busy calm ways...So, suffice to say, my walks are truly heavenly!

At one point in my walk there was a gorgeous Monarch Butterfly boldly resting on a wrought iron fence, waving it's beautiful bright colored wings, and peacefully enjoying the warm morning sun without a care.  I almost just passed by without stopping to enjoy that beautiful moment of blessing that God placed in my path, because my mind was thinking on some things happening in this season of my life.   Right as I passed it, I stopped, backed up to stare/marvel at it's beauty, and as I did a peace came over me. I felt as if God placed that blessing in front of me so that I could STOP and FOCUS on His beauty, and presence in my life.  He began to remind me of His goodness and care for me in His Word.  Just as He cares and provides for this beautiful Monarch Butterfly, He cares and provides for me.

As I took that moment to really focus on God and His goodness in my life, all the heavy thinking I was doing disappeared, and replaced with His joy, peace, and a knowing that everything is going to be okay.  God's got my back, and He has yours!

It is easy for us to get so busy and thinking the wrong way, that we miss God's Blessings.  I honestly feel that God places blessings in plain view for us on a daily basis, but we miss them because we are so preoccupied with things that we should be casting upon Him in the first place.

Train yourself to daily, on purpose, look out for God's blessings in your life.  Sometimes He will bless you by placing a beautiful Monarch Butterfly in your path so you can STOP, and FOCUS on God's Word of blessing and hope, letting you know that all is okay, and He has got your back, just like He did for me.

Don't miss your blessings! They are in Plain View everyday!  Be blessing minded!

God bless you always and keep going strong!

Mary Jean Marquez
Founder of Women Uplifting Women    

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