Thursday, August 25, 2016

Plan Your WORK Your Plan by: Mary Jean Marquez

"Have a Working Plan"
 by: Mary Jean Marquez
As I drove my daughter to school early this morning in heavy traffic, the following thought came to mind, "thank God we have laws and a working plan/system in place to keep traffic orderly, and people safe."  Then a second thought came to mind, "It only works when people follow the laws and work the planned system." 
There are signs, traffic lights, assigned lanes, speed limits, city laws...that are in place for our safety, but it all begins with learning and studying what it all means, and then implementing what you've learned when you actually get out on the road.  If you don't take the time to learn the system that is in place, or decide that you are going to do your own thing, you won't be a successful driver, and will more than likely cause an accident that will bring harm to yourself and others, and or end up in jail.  You derail and hinder yourself, and possibly others, from getting to where you wanted to be.
It is the same way in every area of life.  God has given us a blue print, a working plan, in His Word to live by, and when we do, our lives can be healthy and full of goodness.  It doesn't mean a perfect life, but an awesome one. 
You need to "have a working plan" for every area of your life with God's Word as your guide.  Stay on the straight and narrow path, and when you get off of that path, and we all do at times, get back on and work your plan.  God's Grace and Mercy are new every morning on your behalf.  Ask God to help and guide you in life.  His plan is always better than your own, and together you can accomplish great things.
It takes getting out of your comfort zone to work your plan.  You can have an amazing dream, but without a working plan, and actually working it, you will go nowhere in life.  Get up and get going.  Put quality effort and time in working your plan at a better career, marriage, physical health...and make sure to continually evaluate and re-evaluate your plan for God leads you, because as you grow and change in your success, your working plan must grow and change in order to reach the next level of success.   Remain progressive in every area of your life!
Make the quality decision to commit to a better higher way of life, and no more making excuses or procrastinating! 
God bless you always!
Mary Jean Marquez
Creator & Founder of 

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