Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Children's Talents and Giftings

Parenting & Children's Unique Gifting(s) and Talent(s)
By Mary Jean Marquez

Every child has his/her unique God given calling, gifting(s) and talent(s).  It is our job as parents to help our children discover and grow in their gifts/talents, and to use them to live happy/productive lives, and for good on this Earth.  Let's not fall into the trap of boxing our children in our own selfish idea of what we want our children to be gifted and talented in.  

I sadly see too many parents trying to control every aspect of their children's lives and the result is, as children grow older they are dissatisfied with their own lives because they are not allowed to discover and live within their unique calling, and parents who are disappointed in their children, feeling like failures as parents.  The truth is, every child is unique and are born with their own unique calling on this Earth, and parents do not have the right to push or manipulate their children into their boxed agenda, or to compare them to siblings or anyone else.

Let's teach our children to love who they are by example.  When we as parents love and accept our children for who God made them to be, in their unique calling, they will in turn have a healthy outlook on life and love who they are; imperfections and all.  Please don't expect perfection from your children!  You are not perfect, so why in the world would you expect your children to be perfect?  Extend forgiveness, Grace and Mercy toward your children, and they will in turn show the same to you and others.   

When our children are young, we are to instill goodness in their lives, teaching them to grow into productive and happy adults.  We are to be on the look out for what stirs their passion, and it takes being present with time and money in getting them involved in different activities in order to discover their gifts/talents.  Some children take longer, while others begin to show signs of their calling early on.   Most people don't discover their calling until adulthood, and that is okay parents!

This photo reminds me of  my daughters uniqueness!
I am blessed with four daughters who are very unique, and who also share a lot in common.  I am so happy that my husband and I learned early on to never compare them to each other or anyone else, and to raise them as individuals in their uniqueness.  They are multifaceted, and we allowed them to explore their interests.  This helped them to understand their unique callings and pursue their passions in life. 

They are thriving in their unique God given gifts/talents; making a difference and enjoying their lives.  My two oldest daughters have partnered in business and successfully run their own restaurant called Papa Pita.  My third daughter is successfully pursuing her passion of acting/modeling in Hollywood.  My youngest is learning, by example, from her three older sisters to go for her dreams, and is discovering some amazing talent in the music arena.  I appreciate each one of them, and thank God for helping me and my husband raise our children to be who He made them to be.

I encourage every parent to seek God for wisdom and knowledge on how to raise and lead each of your children in their uniqueness, and to never push or manipulate them to be something or someone they are not.  Love each child in their unique calling, for who they are, while leading and guiding with love and understanding.  Help them to grow into productive, self-sufficient happy adults who will do the same for their children in the future.

Know that as parents, we are not perfect and will make mistakes.  It is important to humble ourselves and let our children know that we are not perfect, and to ask for forgiveness when we miss the mark and are in the wrong.  We can learn from them as well.  Your children will learn to do the same, and your respect for each other will grow and remain strong for life.

I pray for God's leading in every parents life, as there is no cookie cutter way to be a parent.  What works for one parent does not work for the other, but you can seek God, and He will lead and guide you in the best way to raise your children.  God bless you always!  (Matthew 6:33)

Mary Jean Marquez 

Creator and Founder of Women Uplifting Women

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